Welcome to our platform, where receiving orders comes at no cost to you. Here, we prioritize efficiency and speed to seamlessly streamline your signing process. With our innovative approach, we aim to simplify every step, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions. Say goodbye to lengthy procedures and hello to a smooth, efficient signing experience with us.


If you’re ready to increase your income as a Notary Signing Agent – get on board with Quick Signings. With Quick Signings you’ll gain valuable exposure both around the corner or in another state without having to contact multiple title companies, which is time consuming and not always successful. We do not work with “signing services”; therefore, Quick Signings is being used by the title and escrow companies only.

It is important for loan signing agents to gain as much exposure as possible. Quick Signings provides notaries with a platform that will help them do just that.


To get started as a signing agent on Quick Signings, you have to log in to your USNA member’s account and click on the “LOAN SIGNINGS” tab.

Quick Signings is entirely free for members of the United States Notary Association. If you’re not already a member, you can join us by clicking here.

As a Notary Public completing the assignment, you receive 100% of the signing fee. The fee displayed on loan documents represents the payment you’ll receive from the title or escrow company for a signing. Quick Signings does not deduct any portion of this fee. We do not collaborate with signing companies to ensure that loan signing agents receive proper compensation.

We guarantee timely and guaranteed payments, along with a competitive fee schedule. Our commitment is to ensure that notary signing agents are promptly compensated. Signing agents receive weekly payments, with signing jobs typically paid within 3-5 business days after completion.